Our Vision

As we Rise - So We Must Lift
Our Strategy to Success

Through ruthless adherence to our Company Statement which forms the backbone of our organization.

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To be the preferred Retail and Commercial Project Management Services Provider to all our clients, measured through 100% maintenance of our existing client base, and through goodwill and best in class delivery, organically grow our business at a minimum of 10% per annum.

Through ruthless adherence to our Company Statement which forms the backbone of our organization.

Our Company



We will solicit advice from individuals better equipped than us, and we will be humble in our Approach.


We will undertake everything that we intend, design and create with honesty, ethics of the highest order, transparency and humility.


We will partner with only registered institutions that are law abiding and share our principles of business.


We will not partner with anyone for the sake of price above policy.


We will act in the best interests of our clients at all times, and we will place consumer sovereignty above personal gain.


We will never purchase, tolerate, specify or permit within the realms of our possibility, counterfeit goods.


We will never infringe on the trademarks of other organisations or individuals


We will value engineer every project as best as possible for the client.


We encourage sustainable materials and as such, will always recommend same first.


We will make a fair margin that supports sustainable business, and we will add value to all our employees lives by appropriating the margin according to the input.


We will practice environmental management of indefinite resources and we will be conservative in our approach towards disposable goods and practice environmental awareness.


We will never profit at the expense of others.


We will limit our investment in superfluous acquisitions and grow only within a sustainable fashion.


We will invest heavily in, and rigidly adhere to Occupational Health & Safety Requirements, and will treat the maximum requirement as the minimum.


We will encourage our partners to do the same, and practice a culture of “Everybody home safely. Everyday”.


We will do business in the only way that we know to be right. The right way.